Something about us

A family of fishermen, a true maritime vocation handed down over the years. The story of four generations that tell the story of the sea dedicated to passion and ability in the oldest profession in the world: The Fishing

The great strength of a ship is its crew.

Shipowners, fishermen, sailors, divers and technicians are the INCOMAR, working group, a team that really loves the sea.
A staff prepared and attentive above all to the marine ecosystem to guarantee results in compliance with international regulations.

Fresh local fish

The story begins in the 30s.

Between Licata and Acitrezza (CT), where the sea has always been rich and generous, with rowing boats and sailboats, the paternal grandfather Ignazio and his maternal grandfather Turi fished with nets at the bottom.
So fishing was hard work, it marked the rhythm of life in symbiosis with nature.
All children of Ignazio and Turi have grown with the passion of the sea, and have turned this vocation in activity entrepreneurial work.
Gaetano Incorvaia, the first son of Nonno Ignazio, has also grown his three sons.
At Licata has always been distinguished by the skills and intuitions in grasping every minimal climatic and seasonal variation, the great love and respect for this profession lasts but so rewarding and above all for the generosity and tenacity.
His sons, Salvatore, Ignazio and Giuseppe, gave even more value to what they learned.
Incorvaia is today INCOMAR,a solid reality of international fisheries.

Tradition and Innovation they distinguish us!

  • Quality of Products

    Currently, high quality salt water products can be consumed within hours of fishing.

  • Environmental sustainability

    Always attentive as regards all the regulations that affect the respect for the environment and its natural balance in which to live in the protection of our territory is a duty.

  • Ttechnological Innovation

    Thanks to our expertise and our values, we offer our customers an innovative approach, respecting the territory and the environment in a dynamic and effective perspective.

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