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The history of four generations

A family of fishermen is a true maritime vocation handed down over the years. The story of four generations that tell the life dedicated to the sea with passion and tenacity without neglecting the ability and experience of doing a job considered among the most ancient in the world; “fishing“.

The main interest is in fishing and in the transformation of our fish, caught in the Mediterranean of the highest quality appreciated all over the world.

Today Incomar is a solid reality made of fishing vessels and cutting-edge motorboats with a large plant on the ground for the transformation of our fish a great competence for the whole fish chain a careful organization prepared to meet the demands of a demanding and international market.

The fleet is composed of motor ships equipped with the most sophisticated technology, professional fishing requires specific preparation and adequate tools at sea.

Nothing can be left to chance, technical mastery is a modern management are the characteristics that make Incomar an important Sicilian reference.

The sea where we fish

The fleet operates throughout the Mediterranean basin: Italy, Balearics, Libya, Greece, Cyprus are the coasts and seas that are the protagonists of fishing moments. The Pescato del Mediterraneo has in fact always been recognized as having the best quality characteristics.
Fishing techniques and processing processes are part of the international regulations and competences to ensure a catch in respect of environmental resources with a transformation of fish made in our factory through the most modern machinery and the most advanced techniques.
Our processed products can be found in our Licata (Ag) plant located in via Palma.

Crayfish Rose, Cuttlefish whole local, Saber filleted, Octopus of local rock, Moscardino and Swordfish.
The Tuna of our catch and processing, the Lobster Lobster is frozen and the Shrimp Sheaf.

The Prawns after being shelled, are cut and packaged under vacuum. To be premised that our products are products of the local catch of Licata, of our sea and with our boat and therefore we guarantee fresh and high quality products always respecting the environmental resources.

The great strength of a ship and its crew amateurs seafarers sailors workers and technicians are the working group a team that the sea really loves a staff prepared and attentive especially to the marine ecosystem to ensure the results in compliance with international regulations.

A life dedicated to the sea

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