Fish and Fresh Fish in Licata

Incomar and the delights of the Sicilian sea

The sea gives us every day and every season its aromas and its flavors, fills the fishermen’s nets, delights our palates. The products of the sea are certainly among the most loved at the table and in the kitchen, allow you to prepare thousands of recipes, from the simplest to enjoy the flavors of fish to the most refined and complex reserved for the skilled hands of grandmothers or big chef.

In Sicily, a land that is harsh and generous, the sea has always represented the greatest food resource, and that is why Incomar works every day respecting the marine environment and fishing only its best fruits: from big and small fish dimensions to shellfish, molluscs and seafood.

The lobster alive how to taste it without losing its freshness.

The alive lobster, for example, represents one of the greatest gastronomic excellences among the flavors of our land. Thanks to Incomar, we can find it in the fishmongers of Licata and Agrigento, to cook it according to tradition, still alive, in boiling water and with the tied claws, and to taste its hard and delicate meat whenever we want. From the sea to the table in one day only!pescheria licata pesce fresco

Let’s dispel some myths then about this tasty preparation, before someone turns up their nose: the lobster, once fished and tied, arrives in fish shop in a very short time and is kept at the right temperature and in its cold environment until the moment purchase by the consumer. Someone thinks that it is a practice to avoid immersing them still alive in boiling water, but it is wrong: the lobster does not suffer, because once immersed in the pot, it dies instantly.

Attention, we do not untie the rubber bands around the claws, we risk to hurt ourselves and even to the animal, which will surely try to free itself.

Last tip: to keep the shape straight when cooking, we can tie it to a wooden spoon and avoid it folding on itself with heat, and do not cook too much: as soon as it reaches the characteristic red color, it is ready.

See how to cook lobster in this video.

Our fresh seafood products in Licata, Agrigento

If we talk about the fish products of Agrigento , let’s not forget the fresh fish of Licata . Every day Incomar decreases the networks and collects the best offer of the sea, delivering it in the fish markets in Licata and in the surrounding area. All this while paying great attention to the environment, to the rules of fishing, the transformation and conservation of raw materials.

The tradition of a company with more than half a century of history, combined with the most modern equipment, allows Incomar to be a reference point not only in the province of Agrigento, but throughout Sicily.